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Reason and faith—together, they’re what make us different.

Here, we’re committed to a heritage of rigorous scholarship dating back over a thousand years, and to a faith tradition dating back a thousand more. This is how we create a culture of inquiry where no topic is off limits, and a culture of hope where anything’s possible. It’s the freedom to think for ourselves and a responsibility to act on behalf of others. It’s Christian leadership, and it’s changing the world for the better.

It’s higher learning. It’s greater knowing.
It’s what makes us whole. It’s what makes us Regent.


    Regent will unswervingly maintain a Christ-centered course, founded and propelled on Biblical principles and fully promoting Christian leadership among its staff, faculty, and students.
    Regent will develop and maintain challenging programs that prepare students in a timely fashion with marketable skills through innovative residency and online programs.
    Regent will develop and build strong, multifaceted programs that attract faculty, staff, and students from many cultures and ethnic backgrounds. They are committed to our global mission and statement of faith, value a collegial atmosphere, and embrace diverse perspectives as framed by our common core values and statement of faith.
    Premier education demands that student learning be the primary emphasis of the university mission. Regent will maintain that emphasis by providing the most effective, forward-thinking instruction provided through innovative delivery systems that meet the lifestyle of both traditional students
    and working adults.
    Regent will provide exemplary physical, social and online environments, which promote high morale and increased productivity throughout the Regent community. Maintaining high-caliber employees and providing ongoing development activities ensure that the university fully promotes Regent’s mission among faculty and staff, for the good of each student and for the cause of Christ.
    Regent recognizes the significant role of technology in education and will provide apt resources to promote the highest quality in every aspect of the university administration and program delivery.
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