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Fortis Institute provides postsecondary career education to both traditional and nontraditional students through a variety of diploma and degree programs that assist adult students in enhancing their career opportunities and improving problem-solving abilities.

Fortis Institute strives to develop within its students the desire for lifelong and continued education. The staff at Fortis Institute believes that they make an important contribution to the economic growth and
social well-being of the area.

Fortis Institute educates its students to help meet the economic needs of their community in entry-level positions. The educational process is a change-oriented approach to education that provides the community with graduates who possess the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in existing and emerging career occupations.


Career-oriented programs: The Institute’s programs have been developed and are periodically reviewed in conjunction with industry advisory boards to ensure that they continue to prepare graduates according to current needs and expectations of the community of employers served by Fortis Institute.

Qualified, caring faculty: In their academic credentials and professional experience, faculty members are qualified to teach the courses assigned to them, and all are committed to providing the extra assistance students may need to achieve their career goals. Graduate employment assistance: Students approaching graduation receive, at no additional charge, career and employment assistance in finding entry-level positions in their preferred careers. While the primary responsibility for securing such employment rests with the student, the Career Services Department is available for information, contacts, and guidance.

Small classes and personal attention: A small student-to-faculty ratio helps students obtain the most from their educational investment by ensuring easy access to instructional equipment and to attentive and helpful faculty.


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